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In Jackson, Cass, Johnson, Clay, Platte, Wyandotte, Miami

Otto's Environmental Improvements is dedicated to the highest quality of invasive shrub and selective clearing. Our process of plant removal ensures little to no soil disturbance or plant regrowth. Our team of trained professionals are knowledgeable and passionate about improving your land.

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We understand the value of clear and open natural areas for recreation, safety and aesthetics.

From maintaining your property, to woodland and prairie restoration, we will offer detailed solutions to improve your land.

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a newly cleared ranch path
We promote Conserving native Trees and shrubs

Our team specializes in removal from hard to reach areas, where machinery can't go.

We specialize in identifying the naturally occurring plants; both native and invasive. Leaving native plants will help prevent invasives from returning.

Reclaim your property the right way – the first time.

We work with home and commercial property owners to offer quality work that will last.

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A beautiful yard after being cleared of brush and invasive plants

customers love us

These guys know what they are doing. They removed several hundred Bush honeysuckle and left the native plants in place. Highly recommend.

“Otto’s was quick to respond and gave us a reasonable price for clearing out the back line on our property. He knocked it out pretty quickly and we were pleased with his work. We will call again the next time we need work done.”

“I had a treeline chain linked fence that was overgrown All the way up to the electrical wires in the backyard Eric and his crew had it cleared I was very impressed I would highly recommend.”

“Professional, hard working, and goes above and beyond. Cannot have a higher recommendation.”

“I live on an acre and a half and have lived here for 23 years. My property is fenced in the back and I have never had the fence line cleared. It was very overgrown, to the point you really could not see the fence. Eric was amazing! My backyard looks so much bigger now and I can see the fence and beyond! I am so grateful for the wonderful job he did. Very fast and efficient as well. And friendly!”

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job your team did on my property in Smithville. We had no idea how over run our property was with the invasive Honey suckle bush. It had literally taken over our woods! Your team did an amazing job of both identifying and removing the bushes, so much so, that it looks like an entirely different landscape. My tree line is now much more enjoyable and I’m sure much healthier! I also wanted to commend you on the outstanding level of communication and promptness your company provided during our project, even with the terrible weather. We still have more to go on the other side of the property and I look forward to working with you again!”

services we offer

Environmental Consulting

Complementary to each individual project by educated professionals to give your property the care and treatment it needs.

Invasive Amur Honeysuckle Remediation

Honeysuckle quickly and easily returns unless removed properly. Our process ensures native plants stay while honeysuckle is carefully removed and poisoned to its roots to prevent regrowth.

Habitat Restoration

Survey of existing habitat and creation of new wildlife resources to attract game animals such as deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, dove or duck.

Fence Row Clearing

Clearing vines, trees, and shrubs growing within six feet of fences (iron, chain-link, wood privacy)

Overgrowth Clearing

Cutting and removal of shrubs, vines, and small trees. We will haul away the cut material!

Storm Cleanup

Cutting and hauling of fallen trees, tree limbs, and branches

Herbicide Application

Selective foliar spraying or general / non-selective spraying. We will help you decide whats best for you.

Mulch Services

We will deliver bulk wood chips or mulch for weed suppression

Hedge Trimming

Pruning, trimming and shaping of residential and commercial landscape hedges

Light Tree Trimming

Trees limbs trimmed from the ground up to sixteen feet for accessability and aesthetics.

Plant Species Survey

Survey of existing tree and shrub species to provide a glimpse of what species are around. Generally a complimentary service with a clearing bid.

Pollinator Garden Conversions

Take your yard from monoculture grass, to a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. These have many benefits including attracting birds, bees, butterflies; captureing carbon, nitrogen and rainwater; drought resistant and easy to care for